You can raise your hand if it is painful. Is there anyone? Anyone? No, no…

One reason you might be avoiding LASIK is that you may have one of those important questions, “Does LASIK hurt?”

A little fear is normal, as it is with any type of surgery. If you’re prepared and have the right information, your LASIK Nashville experience will be a positive one.

Lasik Nashville aims to make your life more simple and less stressful. We’re here to debunk your LASIK fears and address one of the biggest questions regarding LASIK: Does it hurt?

Now, what is LASIK Surgery… and… Does It Hurt?

Let’s get started.

You’ll be able to see better with our skilled surgeons, as well as a quick procedure time (around 15 minutes). Depending upon the type of LASIK treatment you chose, it will take 3-15 minutes to perform each eye.

Since 1995, LASIK has been performed approximately 20 million times. This is an extremely popular procedure. If you suffer from nearsightedness (myopia), hyperopia (hyperopia), astigmatism (presbyopia), or a combination, LASIK is your best choice. LASIK can make it possible to reduce or eliminate the need for contacts and glasses. Do you like the idea of having no contact?

You should do your research to find out what each stage of LASIK is like.

You should also remember your friendly LASIK Nashville eye doctor will be available to answer your questions. This will make the experience as easy as possible – both before and during your procedure.

We’ll show you how simple LASIK can be.

A LasikNashville specialist might recommend that you remove all eye makeup one day before the LASIK operation. This reduces infection, inflammation, and irritation. It also helps minimize the possibility of pain.

Your surgeon will prepare your eye by placing a few drops in the eye. This is no different from regular, everyday drops. It contains a local pain reliever that can last throughout your pain-free LASIK treatment.

Your highly-trained LASIK surgeon may use very small pulses of light instead of a knife during your procedure. Your cornea will be gently reshaped to correct refractive problems. In the past, this tiny cornea flap could have been cut by hand (*gasp*). LASIK with a blade is now minimally invasive and can be performed in a matter of minutes.

Is LASIK a Painful Procedure?

A tiny amount of pressure is all you’ll feel throughout your LASIK procedure. You should feel no discomfort at all during your LASIK procedure.

You may feel some dryness or itching in the eyes for several hours after your procedure. It shouldn’t be alarming! Eye drops will be prescribed by your doctor to ease this post-op discomfort. Over-the-counter eye drops can be used to lubricate your vision after LASIK.

Please contact your doctor immediately if you experience pain from LASIK after the procedure.

Lasik Nashville provided the greatest experience! Everybody is welcoming and kind from the first moment you enter. My procedure was yesterday, and my discomfort is gone. I can now see 20/20. “My only regret is that I waited so long to schedule an appointment!”  – Alesha Flannery Nashville, TN

What does LASIK Recovery look like?

While recovery times will vary depending on the patient, most of the downtime following LASIK is minimal. After surgery, you may feel some itching or burning. This usually only lasts a couple of days at the most.

You may not see clearly or might be blurry 24 to 48 hours after the procedure, but improvements will happen almost immediately for most.

It won’t take you long to get up to speed, so enjoy this brief recovery time to tune in to podcasts or have dinner delivered to your home.

LASIK is pain-free and fast; why wait?

Do you worry that LASIK surgery may be too painful for your eyes? Don’t be.

Although it is normal to be skeptical about any operation, particularly one not yet familiar with, LASIK surgery will not cause you harm. Lasik Nashville offers bladeless LASIK. This is for your ultimate comfort.

We are happy to show you how simple and painless LASIK can be.

To join the growing number of people seeing clearly with no glasses or contacts, please call us or click here for a complimentary consultation.

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