Omg! This was my LAST day with glasses, August 3. This was the highlight of 2021! It has been two months since my LASIK Nashville eye surgery. Those who knew me well know that I had made the decision to have LASIK in June. FSA reasons meant that I could schedule it for the first weeks of August. This saved me over $700. I have received a lot of questions. So, I will walk you through my experience. This will hopefully encourage those of you who were on the fence about LASIK Nashville to jump in and do it.

It will change your life.

Why LASIK now

I live in Nashville, TN. I have wanted to get LASIK for years now, but because of my rheumatoid, I didn’t believe I would be eligible. Nearly 100% of LASIK publications online say that you cannot be eligible for LASIK if the patient has an auto-immune condition such as lupus or rheumatoid. Because auto-immune disorders can complicate healing, I believe it is a broad statement.

My Nashville eye doctor had mentioned to me that he has noticed blood vessels rising to the surface in my eye over the past few years. He stated that my continued contact with the eye has caused it. The blood vessels are trying to obtain more oxygen, so he said that this is what my eye is experiencing.

I’ve had a stable pre-approval for more than five years. Although I knew it was a pre-requisite to LASIK, I never imagined I could get it done.

My eye doctor asked me if I had ever thought about LASIK back in May. I replied, “Yes, but it’s not possible due to my auto-immune.” He replied, “Well, you never know. The technology has advanced a lot, so it’s worth contacting a consultant to determine if you are eligible. It’s easy and free.” He recommended that I go to LASIK Nashville and ask their ophthalmologists if they could help me.

He was correct. I had nothing left to lose.

How did your LASIK provider choose you?

To make a long story short, I went to two different consultations. Everything was checked at the first place (LASIK Nashville) and I was even qualified with my auto-immune. I requested a second consultation because I wanted to double-check that the first place, I went to wasn’t telling me that I was qualified for my money. The second consultation also qualified me!

Because I met the surgeon, I decided to go with my LASIK Nashville’s ophthalmologist. The doctor was also the surgeon. She was the one who performed my eye tests, measured me, and was always there for me. I was able to ask her any questions, and she made me feel very comfortable.

The second place was a big LASIK shop. It was a sea full of technicians. You don’t get to see the surgeon until the day of surgery. It was one of those places where people are just churned in and out. They have set surgeries days so that the surgeon is only there on those days. It wasn’t personal, and it was just not something I felt good about.

These are your eyes. I did not want any hesitations.

Preparation for the procedure

It’s easy to prepare. Contacts are not required. They ask that you don’t wear them for one week as contacts can affect the shape and function of your eyes. Makeup is allowed on the day. You can eat anything you like and take any medication that you need (except Valium and Xanax).

Your prescription eye drops are called into your local pharmacy a week ahead of time. Then you go pick them up. While you’re there, they also have preservative-free artificial tears. They will also prescribe you Valium if requested.

What happens during the procedure?

I think this is what most people want to know — like me!

Uncertainty is the most nerve-wracking aspect for me. I wish this would help to ease your nerves.

Your LASIK Nashville ophthalmologist will also do a check on your eyes when you come in for your procedure. To make sure that nothing has changed, and to let you know if anything has changed. This is exactly what they need in order to correctly program the laser.

I was checked out by the doctors and walked into the waiting room. Within five minutes, they opened a door, and a technician in scrubs called my name. The doctor/surgeon was also dressed in scrubs. They take you into a room where you are put in a hair cover and shoes in booties. You will also be given your valium, and they will clean your eyes using an iodine/sanitizing agent.

Note that all doctors’ offices have different ways of administering valium. I have heard of some places where you could take it right in front and allow you to sit for an hour while it takes effect. My LASIK Nashville eye doctor doesn’t like people being super loopy. This can cause you to lose focus and be unable to listen to directions. So, I took it literally right prior to surgery.

Once you’ve been cleaned, numbed, and cleared, they take you back into the surgery room. You then get in a chair like the one you use at the dentists. Then they place you over the machine.

They first did my right side. They put more numbing drugs in my right eye, then she says to look up. You’ll see a green and red light. They also give stress balls that you can squeeze. I did this a lot haha

To keep your eyelashes in place, they attach these eye products to your lower and upper lids. Next, they place a piece of plastic on your eye that will hold your eye open. The procedure is a bit uncomfortable, but you can barely feel the pain. Next, they give you a few drops. Then they tell you they are about to get started.

An all-laser LASIK procedure was performed, which meant that the flap would only be cut by a laser. This was by far the most painful and frightening part. The machine was placed on the eye. It literally felt like someone was pushing my eyes out of my back. The machine is removed after 10 seconds.

Funny thing is that during the flap cutting process you are supposed to be looking at both the red light and the green light. But what I didn’t know was that my vision would become black during this process, so you won’t be able to see that light. I panicked and said, “I DON”T SEE THE RED LIGHT ANYMORE!” to which my ophthalmologist replied, “It’s fine, it is fine!”

Ok, so after they’ve finished cutting your flap, she marks your eye with something to make sure the flap is correctly placed back on. After they have finished cutting the flap, they place another machine over you. Then you stare at the green and red lights as hard as possible. You can hear the laser machine preparing to take off and it is quite frightening. After they tell you they are going to start, you still stare at the red and blue lights but then you hear this popping sound (the Laser) and then you smell something that smelled like burning hair. If this bothers you, I suggest that you just go in there with the knowledge and simply breathe with your mouth.

Lasering your eyes will count down, so they can tell you how long to look at the red or green light. Each eye took 20 seconds. It all depends on how strong your prescription is, so it can vary for everyone.

The flap is put back on, and the little squeegee-like thing is used to push out air bubbles. Next, the eye drops are put into your eye. Then they take off the eyelid holder and move on to the next!

What happens after the procedure?

The goggles are provided for you to wear for the next two weeks, so you don’t rub your eyes or cause damage. They also include instructions and eye drops.

For your eyes to heal, you will be instructed to take a 2-hour nap. This is something you won’t want to miss. You want your eyes closed. My eyes started to hurt immediately as we drove home. Although it wasn’t painful, my eyes started to bleed. It lasted approximately an hour as I lay on my back with my eyes closed. I eventually fell asleep, and I woke up three hours later with clearer vision. It was incredible. It was a little blurry, but it was clearer than I could without glasses.

Due to light sensitivity, you’ll need sunglasses indoors and outdoors for the next 24hrs. Prescription eye drops must be used three times daily. Artificial tears must also be used every hour you’re awake.

I was able, for the remainder of the night, to use my smartphone and watch tv. It was not something I wanted to do. I experienced no pain or discomfort during the entire night that I was awake from my nap. Click here if you have questions or concerns about LASIK.

The day after LASIK

I awoke with crystal clear vision. As if I had not worn my glasses or contacts when I slept. I woke up at 4:30 am and could see across the room at my digital clock. It also showed the time clearly. Everything was there when I got downstairs.

Some people feel dry eyes upon waking up. However, I did not experience this and have never felt dry eyes or as though there was something in my eyes. They suggested that it would be felt for between 24-48 hours. It’s quite strange, I have never felt any of the things others mentioned and what they suggested you should expect. But, hey, it’s all good! Although I have burst blood vessels left eye, it looks more like a pool of blood. However, they eventually disappear so it’s only cosmetic.

It is possible to drive the day after LASIK. I haven’t tried. I don’t know what I would feel like trying to drive, but I heard night vision might be a little different (it will eventually get better). You may also experience halos around traffic lights.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled for the day following your LASIK Nashville eye surgery. They will examine your eyes and determine how you are healing. I was 20/15! I was able to see better than perfect. I don’t think I ever had 20/15 without contacts. So crazy!!! My doctor also stated that my cornea was swelling is much lower than the rest of her patients. She called me a good healer. It is not clear if this helped but I had consumed a lot of OJ just a few days before the procedure. She said that although my flap was closed (in the sense that it had been cut), the circle around it was still open. So advised not to rub the eyes until it’s completely healed.

Even one day after LASIK I still struggled to comprehend the clarity of my vision. I could do all of the above (get on my smartphone, look at the clock, play with my pets, and so on). It was as if I had my contacts on, but I didn’t. I was awestruck by the procedure and amazed that I could see without visual aids all day. !

1 week after LASIK

It still amazes me that I have had eye surgery. It’s also not felt like a whole week. It’s been nice that I stopped taking the prescription drops. They stop working after five days. Three times daily was getting to be too much of a hassle.

It is different to drive at night. I can’t say it is bad because it’s not. While I don’t feel the halo effect, really bright headlights or traffic lights seem like shiny stars. It looks like blurring around the star. I don’t have the diagonal lines people have reported. I can drive in the dark at night, and it doesn’t hinder my driving ability.

I have come to terms with the fact that my vision is perfect, so I don’t have to reach out to take off my contacts before going to sleep.

It is also worth noting that you can shower! I had trouble seeing in the shower. I could not see well because I was wearing contacts. It dried my eyes out so badly that I couldn’t even take my contacts out. Check out this link to LASIK Nashville’s offered services to gain a better understanding of what they can do for your vision.

1 month following LASIK

Everything is going perfectly! My flap is almost gone now, and everything is going well. I’m still at 20/15. I still need to use the moisturizing eye drops every few hours, but everything else is perfect!

It was incredible to fly without visual aids. When I fell asleep and woke, I could SEE. It was unbelievable. On our trip to London, I also didn’t have to take anything to protect my contacts. I found contacts in my makeup pouch and decided to throw them away!

I still see shiny stars from cars’ headlights at night. But it is diminishing, just as they promised it would

Although my next follow-up appointment with LASIK Nashville isn’t until September, I feel fine. I also think that I am fully accustomed to not needing visual aids to improve my vision. Sometimes I wonder if I am wearing contacts. However, it is something that I have completely stopped thinking about with my new vision!

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